Manual Therapy

Manual therapy
Manual Therapy
Massage, cupping and alternative healing methods

Manual Therapy

One area of manual therapy is the treatment of joints, muscles, and fascia, which intends to eliminate dysfunction. As part of manual medicine, it is used by physiotherapists and in alternative healing.

Physical therapy

For this type of treatment we have added to our product catalog massage cupping glasses and cupping glasses made of high-quality borosilicate glass 3.3 – optionally available with suitable hose connection or cadmium-free bulb of flexible PVC.
In addition, we offer ergonomically shaped massage tools of rosewood which stimulate trigger points deep into the muscles. Further applications of the tool are acupressure, foot reflexology, tui na (Chinese manipulative therapy) and shiatsu massage.
Gua sha (oil scraping massage) is a traditional Asian technique. Blood flow and metabolism are intended to be stimulated by scraping the skin of tense body regions. For an optimal application of this technique, our high quality Gua Sha scrapers of jade are recommended.
We also offer the classic massage ball with spiky points made of cadmium-free soft PVC.

Safety instructions for cupping therapy:

The following recommendations represent the current state of our knowledge. We assume no liability for the consequences of improper use. Attention should be paid to:

  • The product is intended for use by qualified personnel only.
  • The cupping glasses must be hygienically treated to avoid cross-infection.
  • The disinfection and cleaning can be done in a dishwasher, or with high-proof alcohol.
  • The cupping glasses have to be applied to the skin disinfected and clean.
  • Don’t use damaged glasses!
  • If the vacuum is generated by burning cotton, the residue has to be removed before treatment.
  • No cupping in the face or in the cardiac region!
  • The glasses should not remain on the skin for more than 10 to 15 minutes.
  • In any case observe the legal regulations.
Applications for alternative medicine

Our tapes are frequently used in manual therapy. Taping is an alternative therapy to relieve painful disorders of muscles, tendons or skeleton. It supports the body’s own healing process and is virtually free of side effects.
The effect of the tape is corresponding to its color which is shown in the color theory of kinesiology:

  • pink and red: energy will be strengthened
  • blue: energy will be sedated
  • beige and white: neutral
  • black: inactive and calming
  • green: balancing and regenerating
  • yellow and orange: positive and brightening
  • violet: stimulating and liberating

Note: A scientific evidence of efficacy has not yet been provided for many traditional and alternative healing methods. This also applies to the use of these products.

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Hospital equipment

Hospital equipment
Hospital equipment
Reliable application in clinic and medical practice

Hospital equipment

Most of our products for hospital equipment are used in diagnostics, sanitary, care or in clinical lab. They facilitate clean and safe working for the advantage of patients and their health.

Sanitary products

Our face shield of polycarbonate offers high wearing comfort and is autoclavable. It has some advantages compared to protective goggles: It may easily be worn over a pair of glasses or operation goggles. It covers the face completely which decreases the contamination risk.
The use of this product is optimal for surgery, orthopedics, ambulance services and emergency units, blood collection centers and laboratories.

Other products for the hygiene sector are protective paper of cellulose for treatment couch, sterilizable bedpans of stainless steel or polypropylene as well as sputum cups of polypropylene.

Products for diagnostics:

  • hourglasses in nickel-plated metal case (with or without clip)
  • specula of borosilicate glass 3.3
  • tongue depressors of Plexiglas®, disposable wooden tongue depressors
Care products

We provide numerous consumables and devices that support and facilitate the daily work of the nursing staff. Our dropping pipettes, eye drop bottles, ointment rods and eye douches of clear glass are ideal for use in the ophthalmology.
Our eye baths of plastic (SAN) with a capacity of 25 ml optimally adapt to the eye and allow a gentle cleaning. Our nasal douches and nasal aspirators of glass are used in the field of ENT. Different sizes of tonsil suction tubes enable to remove tonsil stones as a preventive of bad breath.

Other products for the care sector are feeding cups of polypropylene, name plate holders of Plexiglas®, dilators of glass as well as baby feeding bottles of borosilicate glass 3.3 and breast pumps of glass.

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Hydrometers and thermometers

Hydrometers and thermometers
Hydrometers and thermometers
Accurate temperature and density measurement

Hydrometers and thermometers

Thermometers digital or classic version made of glass: The solid and accurate measuring instruments have proven themselves. We offer not just temperature measuring instruments and density hydrometers but also rain gauges, fermentation saccharometers, ph meters and vinometers. This allows precise measurements and determinations.
However, our hydrometers and thermometers are not only intended for use in laboratories. They may also be helpful in everyday situations. Our products are characterized by a simple and convenient design. Thus, they are as perfect for the living room or garden as for the laboratory.


Hydrometers use the Archimedean principle to measure the density or specific gravity of a liquid. The hydrometer displaces liquid and thus sinks into it depending on the density. This simple principle allows very accurate measurements to be achieved with minimal effort. Due to the high glass quality, the hydrometers are easy to clean and their scales always remain clearly legible.


The first alcohol-based thermometer has been invented in Italy in 1654. Since then much has been improved in its manufacture, precision and versatility.
The reliable analog thermometer is an indispensable part of daily life – whether used in the living room, the sauna or the lab. The modern version, the digital thermometer, allows further application purposes, such as recording or prediction of temperatures.

Additional instruments

Hydrometers and thermometers are only a part of our range. We also score with additional instruments like ph meter, pycnometers and vinometers. The diversity of our offering is highly appreciated by our customers. Here, too, we give priority to reliability and accuracy, because it is important to us to always offer the perfect solution in outstanding quality.

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Laboratory equipment

Laboratory equipment
Laboratory equipment
Support and precision for all tasks

Laboratory equipment

This category covers various and versatile solutions made of different materials, for areas of application ranging from the classroom to the chemistry laboratory. Not only delicate glass, but also modern plastics, porcelain or wood as well as electronics can all be found in the category laboratory equipment.


We are passionate about manufacturing glassware that covers a wide range of applications. Whether cylinders and flasks or condensers and centrifuge tubes -outstanding clarity and durability as well as clearly legible permanent scales and prints characterize our products. We impress again with a wide selection and in-depth product knowledge.


In the field of plastics, we have a wide range of products covering many applications in the laboratory. Materials such as polypropylene, PTFE, various silicones and many other flexible materials make a wide range of product specifications possible.


In the field of electronics, we have proven solutions such as stirrers, water treatment equipment or precise interval timers. The familiar Assistent® quality presents tried-and-tested systems of small electrical appliances you can rely on.


Thanks to our long-term experience, we are able to offer high quality porcelain items for your laboratory, e.g. evaporating dishes, measuring jugs, crucibles, mortars and many other items. Our porcelain products convince by quality and a wide range of different versions and sizes. As an established material for daily laboratory use, our porcelain is particularly resistant and reliable.

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Volumetric instruments

Volumetric instruments
Volumetric instruments
A wide range of potential applications

Volumetric instruments

Our product range in the field of volumetric measurement is comprehensive and includes numerous possible applications: Burettes, measuring jars, volumetric flasks, measuring jugs, measuring cylinders, measuring pipettes, automatic burettes and measuring cylinders with stopper. Our expertise in the processing of various types of glass is reflected in high resistance, stability and safety, no matter which material: borosilicate glass, AR-Glas® (soda glass) or amber glass. Our experience guarantees that our glass products are still clear after intensive use and the graduation remains well readable. By using durable materials, we ensure that our products meet your requirements. Various sizes and shapes as well as different types of graduations offer the right solution for every application – from a few milliliters up to several liters.

The unbreakable plastic volumetric instruments are suitable for hectic bustle. Some of them are steam sterilizable at +121 °C which allows a variety of applications.
All conformity-certified volumetric instruments are marked with a batch identification and the packaging is accompanied by a batch certificate with the mean value of the production batch.
Our conformity certified volumetric instruments are provided with a lot number.
A lot certificate (showing mean value of production lot) is included in each original packing. An individual certificate of performance (showing the actually determined volume of the instrument) is available on request.
In addition, we also offer measuring instruments equipped with a calibration certificate from a DAkkS calibration laboratory (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle – German Accreditation Body).

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Liquid Handling

Liquid Handling
Liquid Handling
Drop by drop absolute accuracy

Liquid Handling

Liquid Handling refers to everything related to the measuring and dispensing of liquids. Digital burettes, dispensers or piston pipettes – we provide a suitable solution for every application. Accuracy is of particular importance in order to ensure precise dispensing. That’s why we rigorously test our products to achieve the smallest possible deviations. Dispensing of liquids is part of the daily work in the lab. Therefore we pay attention to high durability and user-friendliness.

Manual dispenser

One of the highlights of the product category Liquid Handling is the Assi-Stepper manual dispenser. It facilitates the repetitive dispensing of liquids and makes it easier than ever before. The comfortable shape and user-friendly design allow a particularly pleasant operation which is desirable in every application.
In addition, there is the possibility for up to 49 repetitive dispensing steps without refilling through precision dispenser tips. The Assi-Stepper is compatible with a variety of different dispenser tips which ensures increased flexibility.

Microliter pipettes

We offer a large number of different microliter pipettes. So you will find exactly the right device for your application. Single channel pipettes, piston pipettes or capillary piston pipettes – our wide range always offers just the right product. In particular our customized CappTrio single channel pipettes impress by a high level of comfort. They come with three pre-calibrated volume knobs which allow quick volume changes of fixed or variable volumes.
All our microliter pipettes are of course available in many common sizes.

Digital burettes

Bottle-top burettes should not be missing in any laboratory due to their effectiveness. They are ideal for making routine lab work easier and faster due to the self-venting system, the fine calibration and the minimal dead volume.
The burettes offer efficiency and safety for measuring and titrating small quantities from 0.01 ml, as well as larger quantities up to 9999 ml.

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Microscopy and staining

Microscopy and staining
Microscopy and staining
Crystal-clear results with our products

Microscopy and staining

Accuracy and clarity are given priority in the field of microscopy and staining.
Our knowledge in glass processing is paying off. Staining trays, Petri dishes, microslides or cover glasses – we guarantee the highest quality for all glass products.
Our products are characterized by their color neutrality and transparency which gives you reliable results and prevents distortions.

Accessories for microscopy and staining: From staining racks to microslide folders

Your work will be faster and more efficient as you can use our racks for the staining of several samples at the same time. The use of stainless steel and glass ensures the sterilizability of the material. Your workplace remains clean when using the practical collection tray. We also manufacture accessories such as staining dishes, bottles and jars in order to provide you with comprehensive solutions from one source. You may store your finished specimens in practical slide boxes and folders.

Microslides and cover glasses

You can purchase the indispensable microslides and cover glasses for light microscopy in a variety of versions and sizes from us. Our microslides SuperFrost® Plus with permanent positive charge attract electrostatically fresh frozen sections and cytology preparations. We recommend the use of our drying bench or drying racks to accelerate the preparation.

Petri dishes

Soon after their invention, more than 130 years ago, the flat, round Petri dishes were indispensable in any laboratory. They are characterized by broad applicability and a high level of adaptability, especially in bacteriology.
This also applies to our product range: whether dishes of 4 cm to 20 cm diameter, with or without fine-meshed grid, reusable and sterilizable or disposable of polystyrene.

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Blood test and urinalysis

Blood test and urinalysis
Blood test and urinalysis
With precise products of Hecht

Blood test and urinalysis

Hecht has a wide and elaborated product range for blood test and urinalysis. It will help you to focus on the essentials and deliver faultless results to your patients. Both test methods have proven themselves in practice. Therefore they should be used with the utmost care and accuracy. We are aware of the importance of blood test and urinalysis. Therefore we do everything to enable the highest possible accuracy in the use of our products. We pay attention to quality and the consideration of all safety standards for every single product.
We place the highest demands on ourselves and work ambitiously on a continuous improvement our products. Noteworthy is our profound knowledge in glass processing which guarantees the highest quality in the production of each product. Thus our products for blood test and urinalysis offer absolute precision and accurate measurements.

Consumables for blood test

You should not leave anything to chance when performing a blood test, one of the most important diagnostic methods. You can rely on our products – from blood sampling to final diagnosis. We offer excellent craftsmanship and safety, whether blood lancets and pipettes or counting chambers and capillaries. Our shakers and mixers are convincing thanks to extensive mechanical expertise. This guarantees long-term reliability, trouble-free operation and user-friendliness.

Our products for blood test:

Consumables for urinalysis

The benefit of urinalysis should not be underestimated. Despite of the age of this diagnostic method, it is still effective and characterized by promptness and simplicity. For this purpose, Hecht offers many proven solutions such as Nissl tubes, tubes for urinalysis and urinometers. We pay particularly attention to the absolute purity of our products. Thus, you can fully rely on the results of your examination.

Our devices for precise urinalysis:

Additional helpful instruments and devices for blood test and urinalysis:

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New website of Karl Hecht GmbH & Co KG

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For 100 years, we have been working in the field of glass processing. During this period, we experienced many improvements in technology and environment, and have always remained modern, have never given up learning and evolving.
This in mind we would like to continue to be progressive and celebrate this anniversary with a new website!
It is our commitment to simplify navigation and set up a web catalog in order to improve your experience with our website.
You will also find more information about our products and our company. We are very proud to present this innovation just in time for our anniversary.
In our new blog category (in which you also found this article), we present our company “from the inside” on our first page to introduce you to the refinements of our craft, fascinating innovations and interesting details from our production. Because even a simple test tube or cover glass may hide a complex story!
We proudly present our first web catalog. There we offer you all the products that you already know from us and enable you to get in touch with us directly.
Another major innovation on our website is the introduction of Responsive Design. So you can use our online offer from any platform – whether smartphone, tablet or desktop PC. In addition. A comprehensive search engine optimization has been effected for an optimal search result.

We would like to thank the Meininger agency exklusivMedia for the technical implementation as well as the redesign and substantive amendments.

We hope you enjoy our new website and you will find the information you are looking for quickly and easily.

Your team of Karl Hecht GmbH & Co KG