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General Questions

We deliver our products exclusively through specialist retailers.
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The CE marking is affixed to medical devices that are subject to the applicable European directives. With the CE mark on the product, the manufacturer confirms that the product placed on the market meets the requirements of the Directive 93/42 / EEC about medical devices or the Directive 98/79 / EC on in-vitro diagnostics and the legal requirements are met. A written Declaration of conformity will be provided, which certifies compliance with the specified guidelines and standards.

Under In vitro diagnostics (IVD) means medical devices used for the in vitro examination of samples obtained from the human body, including blood and tissue donations, with the exclusive or primary purpose of providing information:
– about physiological or pathological conditions
– about congenital anomalies
– to check for safety and tolerability among potential recipients
– to monitor therapeutic measures

The  Medical Devices Act regulates the marketing and operation of medical devices. CE marking has been mandatory for every medical device since 1998 and for every IVD product since 2003. Medical devices without CE marking may neither be sold nor operated/used within the European Community.

If there's a Sales unit (PU) stated under technical data, this product has a minimum purchase quantity.

Of course, you can contact us in the event of damage or similar. Please note that the devices must be cleaned without leaving any residue or properly sterilized.

Authorized economic operator for customs simplifications:
Certificate No. AEOC 111503

It's called: DE2868946


Product-specific questions

Please find the data in the attached PDF document.

Slide properties (PDF)

Microscope slides are made from a glass that is subject to a natural aging process. This has a negative impact on quality. Please note the Storage instructions, which are printed on each packaging of 5000 pieces.

Slides – Storage (PDF)


Volumetric instruments

The letters determine the accuracy classes:

- Class A for higher accuracy
Class AS for higher accuracy for burettes and pipettes with a fixed waiting time
class B for lower accuracy

The German measurement and calibration regulations, valid since January 01.01.2015, requires a certificate of conformity from the manufacturer for volume measuring devices that are used and kept available for measurements in the medical and pharmaceutical sector (e.g. production and testing of pharmaceuticals). This is done through the labeling DEM Fulfills. Conformity ensures that a device complies with the regulation and the applicable standards. The exact procedure can be found in the German Measurement and Calibration Ordinance.

The user is responsible for the use and availability of conformity-certified devices. The certificate of conformity is valid for an unlimited period of time unless the manufacturer provides otherwise. Conformity-certified devices that were produced before January 01.01.2015, may continue to be used. Hecht certifies conformity directly on the devices. For disposable capillary pipettes on the smallest packaging unit and for liquid handling devices on the enclosed instructions for use.

A pair of  Batch certificate is included in every original packaging. There is an option available upon request for an additional charge Individual certificate available. Please specify in the order!