Blood test and urinalysis
With precise products of Hecht

Blood test and urinalysis

Hecht has a wide and elaborated product range for blood test and urinalysis. It will help you to focus on the essentials and deliver faultless results to your patients. Both test methods have proven themselves in practice. Therefore they should be used with the utmost care and accuracy. We are aware of the importance of blood test and urinalysis. Therefore we do everything to enable the highest possible accuracy in the use of our products. We pay attention to quality and the consideration of all safety standards for every single product.
We place the highest demands on ourselves and work ambitiously on a continuous improvement our products. Noteworthy is our profound knowledge in glass processing which guarantees the highest quality in the production of each product. Thus our products for blood test and urinalysis offer absolute precision and accurate measurements.

Consumables for blood test

You should not leave anything to chance when performing a blood test, one of the most important diagnostic methods. You can rely on our products – from blood sampling to final diagnosis. We offer excellent craftsmanship and safety, whether blood lancets and pipettes or counting chambers and capillaries. Our shakers and mixers are convincing thanks to extensive mechanical expertise. This guarantees long-term reliability, trouble-free operation and user-friendliness.

Our products for blood test:

  • safety blood lancets and disposable blood lancets
  • blood diluting and enzyme test pipettes as well as accessories
  • blood sedimentation pipettes and apparatus as well as blood mixing tubes
  • various instruments and devices for blood test
  • inoculation loops, hooks and needles
Consumables for urinalysis

The benefit of urinalysis should not be underestimated. Despite of the age of this diagnostic method, it is still effective and characterized by promptness and simplicity. For this purpose, Hecht offers many proven solutions such as Nissl tubes, tubes for urinalysis and urinometers. We pay particularly attention to the absolute purity of our products. Thus, you can fully rely on the results of your examination.

Our devices for precise urinalysis:

  • Nissl tubes
  • tubes for urinalysis
  • urine containers and jars
  • Vogel urinometers
  • urinometers, small model

Additional helpful instruments and devices for blood test and urinalysis:

  • micropipettes and capillaries
  • Pasteur pipettes
  • cuvettes for spectroscopy
  • shakers and mixers
  • counters, electronic and mechanical
  • counting chambers and hemocytometers
  • thermostatic water bath
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