Hospital equipment
Reliable application in clinic and medical practice

Hospital equipment

Most of our products for hospital equipment are used in diagnostics, sanitary, care or in clinical lab. They facilitate clean and safe working for the advantage of patients and their health.

Sanitary products

Our face shield of polycarbonate offers high wearing comfort and is autoclavable. It has some advantages compared to protective goggles: It may easily be worn over a pair of glasses or operation goggles. It covers the face completely which decreases the contamination risk.
The use of this product is optimal for surgery, orthopedics, ambulance services and emergency units, blood collection centers and laboratories.

Other products for the hygiene sector are protective paper of cellulose for treatment couch, sterilizable bedpans of stainless steel or polypropylene as well as sputum cups of polypropylene.

Products for diagnostics:

  • hourglasses in nickel-plated metal case (with or without clip)
  • specula of borosilicate glass 3.3
  • tongue depressors of Plexiglas®, disposable wooden tongue depressors
Care products

We provide numerous consumables and devices that support and facilitate the daily work of the nursing staff. Our dropping pipettes, eye drop bottles, ointment rods and eye douches of clear glass are ideal for use in the ophthalmology.
Our eye baths of plastic (SAN) with a capacity of 25 ml optimally adapt to the eye and allow a gentle cleaning. Our nasal douches and nasal aspirators of glass are used in the field of ENT. Different sizes of tonsil suction tubes enable to remove tonsil stones as a preventive of bad breath.

Other products for the care sector are feeding cups of polypropylene, name plate holders of Plexiglas®, dilators of glass as well as baby feeding bottles of borosilicate glass 3.3 and breast pumps of glass.

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