Hydrometers and thermometers
Accurate temperature and density measurement

Hydrometers and thermometers

Thermometers digital or classic version made of glass: The solid and accurate measuring instruments have proven themselves. We offer not just temperature measuring instruments and density hydrometers but also rain gauges, fermentation saccharometers, ph meters and vinometers. This allows precise measurements and determinations.
However, our hydrometers and thermometers are not only intended for use in laboratories. They may also be helpful in everyday situations. Our products are characterized by a simple and convenient design. Thus, they are as perfect for the living room or garden as for the laboratory.


Hydrometers use the Archimedean principle to measure the density or specific gravity of a liquid. The hydrometer displaces liquid and thus sinks into it depending on the density. This simple principle allows very accurate measurements to be achieved with minimal effort. Due to the high glass quality, the hydrometers are easy to clean and their scales always remain clearly legible.


The first alcohol-based thermometer has been invented in Italy in 1654. Since then much has been improved in its manufacture, precision and versatility.
The reliable analog thermometer is an indispensable part of daily life – whether used in the living room, the sauna or the lab. The modern version, the digital thermometer, allows further application purposes, such as recording or prediction of temperatures.

Additional instruments

Hydrometers and thermometers are only a part of our range. We also score with additional instruments like ph meter, pycnometers and vinometers. The diversity of our offering is highly appreciated by our customers. Here, too, we give priority to reliability and accuracy, because it is important to us to always offer the perfect solution in outstanding quality.

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