Laboratory equipment
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Laboratory equipment

This category covers various and versatile solutions made of different materials, for areas of application ranging from the classroom to the chemistry laboratory. Not only delicate glass, but also modern plastics, porcelain or wood as well as electronics can all be found in the category laboratory equipment.


We are passionate about manufacturing glassware that covers a wide range of applications. Whether cylinders and flasks or condensers and centrifuge tubes -outstanding clarity and durability as well as clearly legible permanent scales and prints characterize our products. We impress again with a wide selection and in-depth product knowledge.


In the field of plastics, we have a wide range of products covering many applications in the laboratory. Materials such as polypropylene, PTFE, various silicones and many other flexible materials make a wide range of product specifications possible.


In the field of electronics, we have proven solutions such as stirrers, water treatment equipment or precise interval timers. The familiar Assistent® quality presents tried-and-tested systems of small electrical appliances you can rely on.


Thanks to our long-term experience, we are able to offer high quality porcelain items for your laboratory, e.g. evaporating dishes, measuring jugs, crucibles, mortars and many other items. Our porcelain products convince by quality and a wide range of different versions and sizes. As an established material for daily laboratory use, our porcelain is particularly resistant and reliable.

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