Liquid Handling
Drop by drop absolute accuracy

Liquid Handling

Liquid Handling refers to everything related to the measuring and dispensing of liquids. Digital burettes, dispensers or piston pipettes – we provide a suitable solution for every application. Accuracy is of particular importance in order to ensure precise dispensing. That’s why we rigorously test our products to achieve the smallest possible deviations. Dispensing of liquids is part of the daily work in the lab. Therefore we pay attention to high durability and user-friendliness.

Manual dispenser

One of the highlights of the product category Liquid Handling is the Assi-Stepper manual dispenser. It facilitates the repetitive dispensing of liquids and makes it easier than ever before. The comfortable shape and user-friendly design allow a particularly pleasant operation which is desirable in every application.
In addition, there is the possibility for up to 49 repetitive dispensing steps without refilling through precision dispenser tips. The Assi-Stepper is compatible with a variety of different dispenser tips which ensures increased flexibility.

Microliter pipettes

We offer a large number of different microliter pipettes. So you will find exactly the right device for your application. Single channel pipettes, piston pipettes or capillary piston pipettes – our wide range always offers just the right product. In particular our customized CappTrio single channel pipettes impress by a high level of comfort. They come with three pre-calibrated volume knobs which allow quick volume changes of fixed or variable volumes.
All our microliter pipettes are of course available in many common sizes.

Digital burettes

Bottle-top burettes should not be missing in any laboratory due to their effectiveness. They are ideal for making routine lab work easier and faster due to the self-venting system, the fine calibration and the minimal dead volume.
The burettes offer efficiency and safety for measuring and titrating small quantities from 0.01 ml, as well as larger quantities up to 9999 ml.

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