Manual Therapy
Massage, cupping and alternative healing methods

Manual Therapy

One area of manual therapy is the treatment of joints, muscles, and fascia, which intends to eliminate dysfunction. As part of manual medicine, it is used by physiotherapists and in alternative healing.

Physical therapy

For this type of treatment we have added to our product catalog massage cupping glasses and cupping glasses made of high-quality borosilicate glass 3.3 – optionally available with suitable hose connection or cadmium-free bulb of flexible PVC.
In addition, we offer ergonomically shaped massage tools of rosewood which stimulate trigger points deep into the muscles. Further applications of the tool are acupressure, foot reflexology, tui na (Chinese manipulative therapy) and shiatsu massage.
Gua sha (oil scraping massage) is a traditional Asian technique. Blood flow and metabolism are intended to be stimulated by scraping the skin of tense body regions. For an optimal application of this technique, our high quality Gua Sha scrapers of jade are recommended.
We also offer the classic massage ball with spiky points made of cadmium-free soft PVC.

Safety instructions for cupping therapy:

The following recommendations represent the current state of our knowledge. We assume no liability for the consequences of improper use. Attention should be paid to:

  • The product is intended for use by qualified personnel only.
  • The cupping glasses must be hygienically treated to avoid cross-infection.
  • The disinfection and cleaning can be done in a dishwasher, or with high-proof alcohol.
  • The cupping glasses have to be applied to the skin disinfected and clean.
  • Don’t use damaged glasses!
  • If the vacuum is generated by burning cotton, the residue has to be removed before treatment.
  • No cupping in the face or in the cardiac region!
  • The glasses should not remain on the skin for more than 10 to 15 minutes.
  • In any case observe the legal regulations.
Applications for alternative medicine

Our tapes are frequently used in manual therapy. Taping is an alternative therapy to relieve painful disorders of muscles, tendons or skeleton. It supports the body’s own healing process and is virtually free of side effects.
The effect of the tape is corresponding to its color which is shown in the color theory of kinesiology:

  • pink and red: energy will be strengthened
  • blue: energy will be sedated
  • beige and white: neutral
  • black: inactive and calming
  • green: balancing and regenerating
  • yellow and orange: positive and brightening
  • violet: stimulating and liberating

Note: A scientific evidence of efficacy has not yet been provided for many traditional and alternative healing methods. This also applies to the use of these products.

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