Microscopy and staining
Crystal-clear results with our products

Microscopy and staining

Accuracy and clarity are given priority in the field of microscopy and staining.
Our knowledge in glass processing is paying off. Staining trays, Petri dishes, microslides or cover glasses – we guarantee the highest quality for all glass products.
Our products are characterized by their color neutrality and transparency which gives you reliable results and prevents distortions.

Accessories for microscopy and staining: From staining racks to microslide folders

Your work will be faster and more efficient as you can use our racks for the staining of several samples at the same time. The use of stainless steel and glass ensures the sterilizability of the material. Your workplace remains clean when using the practical collection tray. We also manufacture accessories such as staining dishes, bottles and jars in order to provide you with comprehensive solutions from one source. You may store your finished specimens in practical slide boxes and folders.

Microslides and cover glasses

You can purchase the indispensable microslides and cover glasses for light microscopy in a variety of versions and sizes from us. Our microslides SuperFrost® Plus with permanent positive charge attract electrostatically fresh frozen sections and cytology preparations. We recommend the use of our drying bench or drying racks to accelerate the preparation.

Petri dishes

Soon after their invention, more than 130 years ago, the flat, round Petri dishes were indispensable in any laboratory. They are characterized by broad applicability and a high level of adaptability, especially in bacteriology.
This also applies to our product range: whether dishes of 4 cm to 20 cm diameter, with or without fine-meshed grid, reusable and sterilizable or disposable of polystyrene.

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