Volumetric instruments
A wide range of potential applications

Volumetric instruments

Our product range in the field of volumetric measurement is comprehensive and includes numerous possible applications: Burettes, measuring jars, volumetric flasks, measuring jugs, measuring cylinders, measuring pipettes, automatic burettes and measuring cylinders with stopper. Our expertise in the processing of various types of glass is reflected in high resistance, stability and safety, no matter which material: borosilicate glass, AR-Glas® (soda glass) or amber glass. Our experience guarantees that our glass products are still clear after intensive use and the graduation remains well readable. By using durable materials, we ensure that our products meet your requirements. Various sizes and shapes as well as different types of graduations offer the right solution for every application – from a few milliliters up to several liters.

The unbreakable plastic volumetric instruments are suitable for hectic bustle. Some of them are steam sterilizable at +121 °C which allows a variety of applications.
All conformity-certified volumetric instruments are marked with a batch identification and the packaging is accompanied by a batch certificate with the mean value of the production batch.
Our conformity certified volumetric instruments are provided with a lot number.
A lot certificate (showing mean value of production lot) is included in each original packing. An individual certificate of performance (showing the actually determined volume of the instrument) is available on request.
In addition, we also offer measuring instruments equipped with a calibration certificate from a DAkkS calibration laboratory (Deutsche Akkreditierungsstelle – German Accreditation Body).

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