Blood lancets

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  • Material thickness approx. 0.16 mm  

CE 0297
Disposable, gamma-sterilised, individually sealed, no danger of infection, burr-free, optimal, sharp lancet tip, right insertion depth, good blood discharge, handy lancet shaft, good handling, made of stainless steel.
The asymmetrical shape in connection with a material thickness of only 0.16 mm leads to an one-sided cut and therefore decreases the cracking of the wound.
The sensation of pain is reduced because of the minor skin injury and the healing of the wound happens faster.

Item No. Packing/box Material thickness
40366010 200 pieces / box approx. 0.16 mm
  • Item number: 40366010
  • Packing/box: 200 pieces / box
  • Material thickness: approx. 0.16 mm