Counting chambers


made of special optical glass

Assistent® counting chambers are precision measuring instruments. They are used to count the number of particles per volume unit of a liquid.
The counting chambers are supplied with CE mark as per
IVD directive 98/79/EC. Counting chambers without CE mark are available for use outside the European Union only.

The size of the counting chambers is approx. 76 x 32 mm.
The lateral fields for inscription are separated by grooves from the three ground and polished supports.
The central support is deeper than the outer ones and is referred to as depth of chamber.
The depth (tolerance ± 2 %) depends on the ruling – see the following descriptions.
The rulings are engraved into the central support. Counting chambers with double ruling are common. The central support of those chambers is divided by an additional groove.

Counting chambers bright-line
The central support is coated by a chrome layer wherein the rulings are engraved. The coating provides a sharp contrast and the lines appear brightly illuminated.

Special production
Other depths are available on request.

Counting chamber, with 2 optically plane cover glasses,
in a transparent plastic box