Face shield

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  • Face shield  

Areas of use:

– Orthopaedics
– General surgery
– Plastic surgery
– Brain surgery
– Urology
– Ambulance services
– Dentistry
– Laboratory
– Emergency clinics
– Blood collection centres etc.


– The face shield can be used together with operation goggles.
– The face shield completely covers the face and not only the eye region like e.g. operation goggles. This significantly decreases the contamination risk.
– Every single mask is covered with a protective foil on both sides, in order to prevent scratches. Please remove both protective foils before usage.
– The transparent shield is made of polycarbonate (PC) and can be autoclaved at 121 °C/249.8 °F up to 20 minutes if required. The forehead band consists of non-allergenic nonwoven fabric. Both fastener buttons are made of non-allergenic plastic in line with food package regulation.
– The high-absorptive layers in the forehead band absorb occurring sweat on the forehead or temples. This prevents a possible contamination of sterile area through sweat beads.
– The face shield will not steam up if it is adjusted 1-2 centimetres away from the nose.
– Fixing method of the shield is with a cord, similar to all surgery masks. It can be individually adjusted for every user thanks to a hook and loop fastener.
– The face shield is disposable, it will be disposed of after use. Therefore no contamination.
– The face shield is transparent and provides a wide angle of view.
– This face shield prevents direct breathing of cautery smoke in cases where cautery is used (cautery = electric device, which stops bleedings and obturates wounds by the use of heat generation). Smoke comes up through the vaporising of tissue. Cautery smoke risks are acute and chronic changes or irritations in the breathing system.


Item No. Headband Material Shield
49075010 with adjustable Velcro band Polycarbonate transparent
  • Item number: 49075010
  • Headband: with adjustable Velcro band
  • Material: Polycarbonate
  • Shield: transparent