Item number:



without CE marking, for export outside EU only
complete in plastic case

consisting of:
1 erythrocyte pipette
1 leucocyte pipette
2 rubber tubings with mouthpieces
1 counting chamber
2 optically plane cover glasses
directions for use

40420001 Hemocytometers Thoma single ruling
40420002 Hemocytometers Thoma double ruling
40420003 Hemocytometers Thoma double ruling, with clamps
40421001 Hemocytometers Neubauer single ruling
40421002 Hemocytometers Neubauer double ruling
40421003 Hemocytometers Neubauer double ruling, with clamps
40421012 Hemocytometers Neubauer double ruling, bright-line
40422002 Hemocytometers Neubauer improved double ruling
40422012 Hemocytometers Neubauer improved double ruling, bright-line
40423001 Hemocytometers Bürker single ruling
40423002 Hemocytometers Bürker double ruling
40423003 Hemocytometers Bürker double ruling, with clamps
40424002 HemocytometersTürk double ruling
40425002 Hemocytometers Bürker-Türk double ruling
40425003 Hemocytometers Bürker-Türk double ruling, with clamps
40426001 Hemocytometers Nageotte single ruling
40427002 Hemocytometers Thoma neu double ruling
40429001 Hemocytometers Fuchs-Rosenthal single ruling
40429002 Hemocytometers Fuchs-Rosenthal double ruling
40429003 Hemocytometers Fuchs-Rosenthal double ruling, with clamps
40429012 Hemocytometers Fuchs-Rosenthal, double ruling, bright-line

Other types are available on request.

Pipetting by mouth is prohibited according to current regulations.
We reject any kind of product liability in case of using mouthpiece with rubber tubing.
We recommend our pipetting aid no. 40558010 and 40558001.