Hemometers in cardboard box

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  • for export outside EU only  

with 2 glass colour standards, for hemoglobin examinations according to the Sahli method (hydrochloric acid hematine).
Measuring tubes and Sahli pipettes with fused graduation “ASSISTENT-PERMANENT”
with directions for use

consisting of:
Measuring tube no. 40457010
Brush no. 40458010
Stand no. 40459010
Sahli pipette no. 40460010
Mouthpiece with rubber tubing no. 40361002
Bottle with screw cap no. 41314010
Glass rod no. 40470010
Dropping pipette no. 40471010

Pipetting by mouth is prohibited according to current regulations.
We reject any kind of product liability in case of using mouthpiece with rubber tubing.
We recommend our pipetting aids no. 40558010 and 40558001.

Item No. for
40456010 export outside EU only
  • Item number: 40456010
  • for: export outside EU only