Pipetting aid Micro-Pipex

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  • for pipetting liquids by using disposable micropipettes with a ring mark as well as many pipettes up to approx. 1 ml  

Cone Ø max. 5 mm, autoclavable at +121 °C/+249.8 °F
Contaminated disposable micropipettes up to 50 µl can be dropped without touching because of the releasing device, which is integrated in the appliance.
The pipetting aid may not be used for capillaries calibrated to contain end to end!

Item No. autoclavable up to Article
40558001 +121 °C / 249,8 °F Micro-Pipex
  • Item number: 40558001
  • autoclavable up to: +121 °C / 249,8 °F
  • Article: Micro-Pipex